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    Norman Patterson Jr. has been removing stinging pests such as yellowjackets, hornets, wasps, and bees for nearly 20 years. He has consistently provided service to private homes, schools, businesses, and commercial properties with his service as the Yellow Jacket Expert.  The YellowJacket Expert LLC is known for their safe and effective service of removing stinging insects. His clients, located throughout Connecticut, as well as neighboring parts of New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts are given quality service and entrust their homes and properties to Norman who takes great care in his work, ensuring that he is able to solve your stinging insect issues in the fastest, safest manner possible.

     The The YellowJacket Expert LLC was born out of Norman's childhood curiosity of bees and wasps. As a child he began collecting and examining these insects. His passion exploring varieties grew and he began to develop techniques and invent technology that would allow him to remove the insects and their nests safely and effectively from their locations. With no use of dangerous chemicals, pesticides, or contaminants. Norman continues to help out folks who have infestations or need routine inspections in their homes or properties.

What Makes us Unique

      In addition to these services, Norman has always been generous with the education he provides both on his website and through phone consultations. Unlike other pest control companies who claim to be "green" or "organic", but continue to use harmful chemicals that poison plant life, water supply, and any small animals on the property, Norman actually USES NO CHEMICALS, PESTICIDES, or POISONS OF ANY KIND. He is an advocate for chemical and pesticide free companies and encourages folks to do their research before allowing toxic chemicals into their house, lawn, or land.  He continues to be the only truly organic stinging pest removal service in New England. Norman makes house calls, offers phone consultations, and also performs inspections for those who might want the assurance that there are no returning insects. 

Providing Venom to Medical Labs

     In addition to his superior, unique, effective service removing stinging insects and nests, Norman has taken his business a step further, and provides much needed venom from the insects he collects to sting allergy patients. He does this by supplying medical labs with the various venom varieties they need, to produce life saving allergy treatments to patients around the world. 




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We remove ball-shaped hornet nests that form on eves of houses, bushes, and trees. These nests are usually visible and resemble a large gray paper ball. These can be tricky to remove when they are built high above the ground. 

Carpenter Bees

carpenter bees

Carpenter Bees are relatively harmless as far as stinging insects go. However, they are ruining your soffits and fascia boards. Many people call us saying they have woodpeckers pounding on their house and ruining their trim. They actually have a Carpenter Bee problem.


YellowJackets have a tendency to build their nests in the ground. These nests are often hidden and unfortunately many folks come across these nests while mowing their lawns or gardening. Yellowjackets are highly aggressive and these hidden nests can be very dangerous when they are stumbled upon. 


We come to your home and go through every nook and cranny where queens are establishing nests. We know their nesting habits and where they like to hide, such as soffits, gutters, playground equipment, grills, and more. We look for new wasp nests and remove the queens and the nests. We look for new hornet nests that are forming on your house. We also look for potential problem areas and make suggestions of how you can reduce your chances of getting nests in the future...


Unique, in that they are now in your space, these nests are the most frightening for many of our customers. YellowJackets do sometimes chew through sheetrock and break themselves into homes. 


We offer free advice and consultations to customers who are looking to hire us for our service. 


One can no more approach people without love, than one can approach bees without care. Such is the quality of bees...
— Leo Tolstoy

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