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*Service fees depend upon the size and difficulty of the job. Other factors include: aggressiveness of the nest, travel distance, and time of year. We work hard to provide fair rates for our clients. 

  • In-ground YELLOWJACKET nests and ball-shaped hornet nests start at $150

  • In-house YELLOWJACKET nests starts at $250

  • HONEY-BEE hive removal is a much more extensive and lengthy process, these removals begin at $800

  • EMERGENCY services are available. We will immediately respond and be available to provide emergency removal within 24 hours. 


*Cash payments are preffered

*Credit Card and Debit charges are subject to 6.35% Connecticut Sales Tax

*Make all checks out to The YellowJacket Expert LLC

*Please note: If you are experiencing financial hardship, communicate your situation and we will be happy to work something out. We love to barter!