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In-House Nests

The problem with a nest in a wall void is that the yellow jackets think they are in the ground and will try to expand their nest by chewing. If they are behind sheetrock, they may break in eventually. If you hear a scratching or chewing sound, you have an emergency in the making. They will eventually break in. Contact us BEFORE this happens!

In-house nests are more difficult to get than in ground nests. The reason is the nest is somewhere in a wall void. One method is to open the wall and remove the yellow jacket nest like we do with honeybees. This method costs more than our non-intrusive method, but it works. If you’ve had a breakthrough into your home, we recommend that you have us get the nest out. We will have to open the wall or ceiling, usually sheetrock, and remove the entire nest.

You will not find an exterminator who will take the time to get the nest out of your house. Besides, he will probably drill into the wall and FILL it will harmful pesticides. Your home is now contaminated with poisons. The nest, the eggs, and the remaining insects will die and rot.

We’ve heard recently that exterminators are selling the notion that they are using “green” pesticides. There is no such thing. It isn’t “green” if you can’t eat it or it can’t grow food.

Please note: if we get the nest out, we have to do some deconstruction. The property owner is responsible for all repairs after we leave.

Many people prefer our non-intrusive method. Using our vacuum trap, we remove 95% of the workers. We bother and disturb the nest to provoke the angry workers to come out where we catch them in our special trap. If you would like to save money, we set up your shop vac before we leave to get the few coming home and the ones that will hatch over the next week or so.

We charge less if the property owner agrees to simply turn the vacuum on and off per our instruction. All that is left in the wall void after this process is harmless paper. All-natural methods sometimes take more thought, work, and time than pesticides, but we believe your health is worth it.


We use infrared technology to find these nests in your house. Using an infrared camera we can see through your walls and locate the nest precisely. 

We can help you determine whether or not you need the nest to be removed. In some cases the nest can be left alone. We try to avoid going through a wall and do whatever we can to preserve your home. 



Three common mistakes ...

1. Sealing the hole

Bad idea. Now that the yellow jackets cannot get out they WILL COME IN YOUR HOUSE if they find the slightest crack. Now you have a very dangerous situation. Call us if you made this mistake and we will help you.


2. Spraying the Opening

Again, a bad idea. Now you have created a chemical barrier so the yellow jackets cannot get out. Now they will come in your house. The other problem with spraying is that you have exposed yourself and your loved ones to deadly pesticides. Every year we help people after they’ve tried to “do it themselves”. We are glad to help you if you’ve made this mistake.


3. Calling an Exterminator

When an exterminator sprays the opening of an in house nest, their pesticides also create a chemical barrier often forcing the yellow jackets into your home. They have disclaimers stating that they are not responsible if your home is invaded after they leave. Because their poisons are so toxic, we charge extra to clean up an exterminator’s mess. Often times the nest is not even near where they are coming and going. You often are throwing your money and your health away when you hire an exterminator to “treat” an in house nest.If they are successful in poisoning your nest, they will soak it with poisons. Now your house is contaminated. The nest, the eggs, and the hundreds of yellow jackets in the nest will rot. Besides, exterminators do NOT take care of the hundreds of worker yellow jackets coming back. Hundreds will hover around the opening for days.

More information about infrared technology

Finding the exact location of yellowjacket nests and honey bee hives in your home can be difficult at best. Far too often we’ve opened walls and ceilings only to find that the nest hive was someplace else. This resulted in frustration on our part and more repair cost for our customers. To avoid this, we use infrared technology to locate more precisely where the nest is located in the walls of your home. 


the dangers of pesticide use

There is no such thing as a safe pesticide. They are especially harmful to children and small pets. When pesticides are sprayed around a house, they can form a chemical barrier, blocking the insects from exiting the house, this often forces them into your home. Pesticides at times kill the entire nest and often exterminators leave the dead nest in your walls. If that happens, the stentch of rotting flesh permeates into your home. Avoid the use of pesticides at all costs.