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YellowJackets are conceal nesters. This means they like to find hidden areas to build their nests. Sometimes they choose the walls of people's homes. You'll see them streaming in and out of a small hole or crack of the house. We have developed organic methods (no chemicals, sprays, or pesticides), to resolve this infestation from your home. Learn More


commerical properties

We service nursing homes, condominiums, warehouses, and amusements parks. We also service food industry services in all forms (restaurants, food factories, plants, and gardens). For our commercial clients we provide inspections, insect and nest removal, and education for staff. We NEVER USE or ENDORSE THE use of PESTICIDES, CHEMICALS, or SPRAYS. They are harmful to the environment, dangerous for children, and have been known to contaminate food causing dangerous health concerns. Learn More


Most commonly YellowJackets choose to build their nests in the ground. These are the nests that most people find the hard way, when they are gardening or mowing their lawn. Using our organic methods we are able to safely remove the insects and the nests from your property.  Learn More

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The fastest growing branch of The YellowJacket Expert is School Inspections and School Servicing Bundles. Click Here to Find Out Why


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ball-shaped nests

White faced hornets and yellow hornets make ball-shaped nests. They are found attached to your house or in trees or shrubs around your property. They can be extremely dangerous and we strongly recommend that you avoid any close proximity to these nests and call us immediately. Learn More


We offer phone consultations and have provided education and organic removal technique and product advice to customers and buinesses worldwide. Click Here to Learn More



We are all about empowerment through education. We believe that the public deserves to be informed about the harmful effects of pesticides and the importance of proper stinging insect removal in order to keep endangered populations of insects safe, children away from pesticides far more potent to them than adults, and the environment clean from harmful chemicals. (especially near water supplies). We envision a future where we find natural alternatives to pesticides and can completely eraticate the use of these harmful chemicals. 


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