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Sting Allergy Awareness

here is what we do

After collecting the insects from your home or property. The insects are cleaned, separated, and frozen. They are then shipped to medical labs who extract the venom from each insect. Trace amounts of venom are given to sting allegy patients in order to build up their tolerance for the insects they are allergic to. This is a form of immunotherapy. All of the insects we collect are used for this purpose.


What you should know about sting allergies

  • 10%-15% of the World's population will experience large areas of swelling following a sting. The swelling lasts anywhere from 3-7 days. A smaller percentage may suffer from anaphalactic shock.

  • Epi pens are not a suitable treatment for sting allergies. They are used as a last resort in order to keep a person alive to get them to an emergency room. The epi pen is not a cure. Immunotherapy is the only cure for sting allergies. It is safe, effective, and cures patients of their allergy for the rest of their lives. 

  • If you or someone you love may be allergic to stinging insects, we recommend that you contact a local allergist and get tested and treated.