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Knowledgable. Natural. Altruistic.

The YellowJacket Expert was birthed over 15 years ago when Norman began to collect stinging insects for medical labs. The venom extracted from the harvested insects was used to treat patients with severe sting allergies. The insects Norman collects today are still used for this purpose. Through his experience removing thousands of nests and colonies of insects from homes, businesses, and schools, Norman became well known in his area as an all natural and altruistic alternative to calling a pest control company. Many people were interested in an alternative to popular pest control companies, notorious for using hazardous chemicals and leaving pest control problems unresolved.  Because of our reputation for our chemical free, pesticide free, bee-saving, practices, we are now a full service stinging pest control business. We provide education, inspections, and removals from April through November. In the Winter months we provide educational seminars, trainings, and all natural product development. We serve customers all over Connecticut and neighboring states and have provide consultations around world. 

Meet our Staff

We have outstanding knowlegable, responsible, and kind staff members. We are here to help you resolve your stinging insect problems with a myriad of strategies, techniques, and money saving advice. We look forward to chatting with you. 


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The YellowJacket Expert LLC is available day or night to chat with you about your needs regarding stinging insect education or removal. Don't hesitate to reach out. 

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founder & collector

Norman Patterson Jr. 

Norman has been interested in stinging insects ever since he was a boy. He came across a bee hive in the forest as child and was captivated by its mysterious beauty. Later, he was given beehives by his favorite aunt. He bagan producing honey when he was a teenager. One day he stumbled across an ad for venom collectors in the back of one of his bee magazines. He eventually began collecting venom and selling it to medical labs who provided the venom for sting allergy treatment. Today, Norman continues his passion through The YellowJacket Expert LLC. He has been featured on a number of media outlets including: NPR, The New York Times, The Hartford Courant, ABCNews, CBS, and NBC. 


Owner & Technician

  • Travels to homes and properties

  • Removes Nests

  • Gathers and Removes all insects

  • Performs inspections

  • Consults with clients via phone, e-mail, or text


e -  |  p - (860) 378-3078


Professional Portrait.jpg

director of marketing, Social media, & web design

Kelly Mays

Kelly is NEW to our staff as of Spring 2018! She is the artist behind our new website, logo, business photography, and business cards. She works for local small business doing promotional packages, small business photography, and small website projects. Her company is called Bloom & Grow. You can view her work here:


Administrator & Consultant

  • Promotional & Branding Designer

  • Web Designer

  • Webmaster

  • Marketing Manager

  • Social Media Director


 p - (860) 331-3995


Josiah Patterson

part-time associate technician

Josiah Patterson

Josiah has been collecting YellowJackets with his father since he was 8 years old. He is knowledgable and thorough in his work and does a great job effectively fielding calls during our peak season.


Seasonal Technician

  • Travels to homes and properties

  • Removes nests

  • Collects stinging insects