The YellowJacket Expert LLC




Hornets make the ball-shaped paper nests. There are two kinds that nest in these types of nests; white-faced hornets and the yellow hornet. They are very protective of their nest and will attack if provoked.

We get these using two all-natural methods. If we get them during the day, we use our vacuum trap method. We will collect the workers for an hour or so. We put them to sleep using carbon dioxide before putting them into a deep freeze. Finally, we remove the entire nest. You may see some flying around after we leave. They will disperse and die over night.

The other method is bagging them at night. We use carbon dioxide to put them to sleep. Then we put a bag over the nest and remove the entire nest with all the insects. We will freeze them in hopes the medical labs will use them for sting allergic patients.

Exterminators will spray the nest during the day. They will leave hundreds of field workers coming back to the nest flying around for days. Your shrub may be ruined by their poisons. And most leave the rotting nest on your property for you to clean up.

We collect the field workers, remove the nest, and leave your shrub or tree intact.

Hornet feeding the Larva


Hornets are extremely aggressive and protective of their nests. Pictured above are hornets tending to the nest's larva. The white cells that look like puffed caps are made of silk.