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The Truth About Last Year's Nest


I get a lot of calls at this time of year from people who had nests last year. I’m glad they call me because, far too often, people call exterminators who give them false information. I don’t know if the exterminators are ignorant or deceptive, but either way, giving bad information is unethical.

Here’s the truth - if you had a yellow jacket or hornet nest last year, you don’t need to worry about that nest. Yellow jackets and hornets do NOT reuse the same nest the following year. All that is left is harmless paper. Some people like to caulk cracks, close up holes, fill in holes in the yard, or remove old nests from last year. April is a perfect time to do this because there are no nests in milder climates. Closing up old cracks or holes can prevent new queens from reusing the space. Think “weatherization” for your house and you will help prevent yellow jackets from nesting in your walls this coming season.

If you are concerned or not confident in your abilities, feel free to schedule a Spring Home Inspection with the YellowJacket Expert. In late May or June, I go through your house, property, and outbuildings closing up holes, removing hornet and wasp nests, and looking for newly nesting queens. This is something you can do yourself, but some people prefer to hire me for this task. If you are interested, call 860-379-6078 or fill out our online form.

By the way, I am working on my ebook, The YellowJacket Expert Reveals All His Secrets to All-Natural Stinging Pest Control, due to be released in May 2019. I detail how to do your own Spring Inspection; what to look for, where to look, what to do if you find something, and so much more!

Norman Patterson