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YellowJackets and Monarchs


These beautiful ladies are Marie Langill and Joanne Marzullo of Winsted, Connecticut. We share a common passion - Monarch Butterflies! They have been watching over and raising monarch butterflies from eggs to adult for many years. I didn’t know this until I arrived to remove a yellow hornet nest from Joanne’s greenhouse. She was thrilled that I removed the nest and the insects without any pesticides, poisons, or chemicals. She was elated to learn the insects are used to help sting allergy patients. And she was happy that nothing toxic was applied to her property that could potentially harm their pet monarch butterfly family.

I shared with them how I visited the monarch butterfly sanctuaries in Michoacan, Mexico. It was one of the highlights of my life. I saw billions of butterflies. They both shared with me that it is one of their life long dreams to go to see the sanctuaries. I told them that I would be honored to help their dream come true.

My next call, coincidently was to a house in Norwalk, Connecticut where a bright young man named Soren Serrano raised monarch butterflies. Imagine my delight to encounter yet another butterfly enthusiast. He had dozens of various varieties of butterflies, but monarchs were his most prevalent species. He saves the butterflies and releases them to the wild. I love that he does this. This young man is going places!


A passion for yellow jackets and butterflies comes out of the same place - from a love of nature and God’s creation. But I have to confess that the best part of my job is meeting such awesome people such as Marie and Joanne and a bright young man from Norwalk! This young man’s mother was so happy to have a growing and dangerous white-face hornet nest removed from her property by The YellowJacket Expert. They, too were concerned with not having pesticides applied to their property for the health and sake of the butterflies.

Norman Patterson