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Ask the YellowJacket Expert: Why Use Natural Methods?

Hello Norman, my main question is: Why would I use natural control instead of chemicals? I have a pest control company and I’m always looking for ways to improve my job and the quality of it.

Nicolò from Italy

Great question! Here are some thoughts to consider. You should use all-natural and organic methods because it is good for:

Your Health

I think the #1 Reason you should reduce and, if possible, eliminate your use of pesticides is for your health. I’m not going to quote all the statistics. I’ll let your concern and curiosity fuel your research. 

The opening paragraph from Beyond should grab your attention.

The common diseases affecting the public’s health are all too well-known in the 21st century: asthma, autism and learning disabilities, congenital disabilities and reproductive dysfunction, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and several types of cancer. Their connection to pesticide exposure continues to strengthen despite efforts to restrict individual chemical exposure or mitigate chemical risks, using risk assessment-based policy.

I wouldn’t gamble with my health by using pesticides.

The Health of Your Customers

Applying pesticides is not “harmless,” especially for children. Their little bodies absorb pesticides more readily than adults. I believe the increase in allergies, cancer, chemical sensitivity, and a whole host of problems is due to the increased use of pesticides in almost every area of our lives. 

A pest control person just treated the apartment building where I live. I watched him slather pesticides around door jams and window sills. He said it was for “prevention.” He said it was diluted, so it wasn’t full strength. I could taste the pesticides in my mouth even before I knew he was in the area. “Safe pesticides” is an oxymoron. 

The next day, it rained hard for several hours, washing away any pesticides that were applied. While it may not seem a big deal for one exterminator applying pesticides, multiply applications all over the neighborhood, city, state, country, and world. I wonder how many thousands (millions?) of gallons of pesticides are needlessly sprayed every day.

Finding all-natural and organic solutions to pest problems is good for our customers.

Health of the Environment

As mentioned above, imagine the effect of pesticidal applications by professionals and homeowners. Where do these pesticides go? 

It Sets You Apart

Not using pesticides sets me apart. My philosophy for all-natural pest control is, “There’s a reason the insect is there. If possible, change the reason.” Finding an all-natural solution takes time, energy, creativity, and work. But I think it is worth it. There is a growing number of people who do not want pesticides, be it “toxic,” “least toxic,” or “non-toxic” applied on their property. These people are willing to pay for clean service. They are proud to use this service and are more likely to pass my information along to friends and neighbors.

I do believe it can be profitable, both financially, and environmentally, to find alternative methods to deal with pest problems.

Norman Patterson, Jr.

The YellowJacket Expert

Author of The YellowJacket Expert Reveals His All-Natural Methods to Stinging Pest Removal

Norman Patterson