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Home Inspections | 2018

baby nest.jpeg

Featured on the left above is a white-faced hornet queen building her nest. Above to the right is a the tiny beginning of a yellow jacket nest. 


Keeping Your Home Safe All Spring, Summer, & Fall


Tiny nests are much easier to remove. By mid august this nest would be the size of a watermelon or much larger. 

     Spring is the perfect time of the year to get a Stinging Insect Prevention Inspection! New wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket queens are searching out new places to establish nests. Honey bees are getting ready to swarm and establish hives in wall voids and chimneys.

    After scheduling your inspection, we will come to your home and go through every nook and cranny where queens may be establishing nests.

    We know their nesting habits and where they like to hide, such as soffits, gutters, playground equipment, grills, and more. We look for new wasp nests and remove the queens and the nests. We look for new hornet nests that are forming on your house.

   We also look for potential problem areas and make suggestions of how you can reduce your chances of getting nests in the future.