Phone Consultations Available


We offer free advice and consultations to customers who are looking to hire us for our service. However, because we get calls from all over the United States, we cannot offer free consultations for those who are not going to hire us.

If you need help and do not plan to hire us, you can hire us for a phone or Skype consultation. We guarantee our consultation will help you or we will give you your money back.

We will help you:

  • Diagnose your problem accurately
  • Help you find alternative ways to deal with your problem
  • Give you honest advice that will save you lots of money
  • Tell you if the exterminator is telling you the truth or just trying to sell a contract
  • Find ways to avoid using pesticides if at all possible

By allowing you to email pics that can help us figure out your problem

And much more!

A few examples of how a consultation has helped people in the past:

A woman called from Torrington Connecticut in March. Last year she had a large hornet nest on the peak of her house. The exterminator said that they are very dangerous. He quoted her $400 to get rid of this nest.

Our advice? The hornet nest was completely dead because hornet nest do NOT live through the winter. They do not return to the same nest. All she had was paper. If she wanted someone to remove the old dead nest, that is another story, but she did NOT need an exterminator.


A homeowner from Minnesota called. She had one wasp nest with about 12 works near her front door. The exterminator pressured her to buy a monthly contract. She wanted advice before she bought. Because she lived in another state, we were not able to remove the nest for her, but we were able to tell her what was or was not dangerous. She hired the exterminator to spot treat the wasps near her front door, but did not waste thousands of dollars over the next several years with “prevention”.


A homeowner wanted to know how they could get rid of a yellow jacket nest by themselves without the use of pesticides, poisons, and chemicals. We talked this person through the steps of what he could do himself. We were honest about the dangerous and possibilities of getting stung. This brave soul decided to tackle the nest himself. He successfully got rid of his nest without pesticides and without getting stung


A woman called from California wanting to know what kind of yellow jacket or wasp was infesting her house. She sent us a picture and we were able to identify the insect, give her solid advice of what was happening, and honest advice about what to do about it.


A man for New York wanted to know if we would advise him to allow an exterminator poison a nest in the ceiling of his sheet rocked kitchen. The nest was already staining the sheetrock and it looked like it was soft. We advised him to NOT have it exterminated unless the exterminator would take the nest out of the wall. Because if it were poisoned and left in the ceiling, it would rot and create a terrible stench. They went against our advice but later hired us to come out and remove the rotting, stinking nest from their ceiling.


We charge $50 for a 15-20 minute consultation. Our honest and informative advice can and will save you lots of money. It can also save you from poisoning your home and your family with needless contracts and pesticide “applications” from a professional exterminator. And what would you pay for peace of mind? Our consultation gives you the information you need to make an informed decision before you commit to allowing an exterminator to apply pesticides to your property or enter into a contract.

If you are interested in a Consultation, please email us at We accept credit cards and PayPal. Send PayPal payment to