Whole House Inspection


Stinging Insect Prevention Inspection

Spring is the perfect time of the year to get a Stinging Insect Prevention Inspection! New wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket queens are searching out new places to establish nests. Honey bees are getting ready to swaimagesrm and establish hives in wall voids and chimneys.

We come to your home and go through every nook and cranny where queens are establishing nests. We know their nesting habits and where they like to hide, such as soffits, gutters, playground equipment, grills, and more. We look for new wasp nests and remove the queens and the nests. We look for new hornet nests that are forming on your house. We also look for potential problem areas and make suggestions of how you can reduce your chances of getting nests in the future.

Individualized Education

Part of the fee is an individualized Educational Consultation. We talk to you about what you can do yourself, what you should not do yourself, what is normal and what is dangerous. We educate your clients about how to find dangerous nests and what times of years are more dangerous than others. We give you information that you can use for the rest of your life. We are not trying to make you dependent upon us like exterminators do. Our goal is to educate and decrease worry and anxiety, not to keep in a state of fear. This Educational Consultation is unique to our business. Exterminators cannot and will not offer anything like this because most do not know much about stinging insects themselves.

In July, August and September we will use our Infrared Camera to find yellow jacket nests in the walls of your home. These are ideal places for new yellow jacket nests and honey bee hives.

Finally, we give the homeowner comprehensive information detailing our findings, noting future problem areas, repairs that should be made, and information specific to your particular situation.

Organic and all-natural pest control is more effective than hiring an exterminator, but it does take education and persistence.

Save on Your Energy Bill

If you make the repairs based on our findings, you will not only hinder stinging insects, you will improve the weatherization of your house. Any money you spend on weatherizing your home may be tax deductible and will lower your utility bill significantly!