Infrared Technology!

Finding the exact location of yellow jacket nests and honey bee hives in your home can be difficult at best. Far too often we’ve opened walls and ceilings only to find that the nest hive was some place else. This resulted in frustration on our part and more repair cost for our customers.

Now we can find yellow jacket nests and honey bee hives with pinpoint accuracy using our new FLIR T300 Infrared Camera. The nests and hives put out just enough heat that can be read by our sophisticated T300. We are very excited for our selves and for our customers. It will save us time and save you money.

Here are some examples:

The left is what you see. The yellow jacket nest is hidden from your eyes. The bright spot in the right hand picture is what the T300 sees.

Finding honey bee hives can be a royal pain. Not any more!

A Stinging Insect Inspection Can Lower Your Energy Bill!

Why do yellow jackets and honey bees move into our home? Because there are places were insulation is either missing or improperly installed. These spaces are perfect for yellow jackets and honey bees. We can find missing and improperly installed insulation with our FLIR T300 Infrared Camera. And we can do it without tearing open ceilings and walls. Below is an infrared picture of missing insulation. The top left of the picture is the missing insulation!

We can inspect your home or business with our FLIR T300 Infrared Camera to find potential nesting sites. We will prepare a report informing you were the potential problem areas area. And here’s even better news. If you follow our recommendations based upon our inspection, you will lower your utility bills. Problem insulation is costing you money in the Summer and Winter. We can do a full weatherization inspection throughPinpoint Infrared!

The Inspection and repairs are most likely tax deductable. Check with your tax-consultant to find out what qualifies!